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The Bali Bird Park is home to the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world. The Park encompasses 2 hectares of botanical landscape that provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 species. This is one of Bali's best formal attractions and will bring you up close to the area's incredible, colorful wildlife.

The space is divided into well-designed, handsome enclosures plus open, walk-in aviaries and natural habitats. Free range birds roam throughout. The Park has an innovative, modern approach towards the display of rare and tropical birds that includes traditional, local methods. Here is some of what you can see at the Park. 

In addition to the fantastic rainbow of birds the Park accommodates a striking display of flora with more than 2000 tropical plants including 50 varieties of palm alone, plus many habituated butterflies.

Within the Park complex is a breeding, research and veterinary facility that has a high success rate in the captive reproduction of exotic birds. The Park currently accommodates more than 40 species of protected Indonesian birds. Information about conservation.

The Park’s café is unique and appealing in its own right.

Admission: Adults USD/CAD $21; Children $10

Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm, daily

Address: Jl Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu - Ubud 

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There are so many reasons to visit Bali. The food, the culture, the colors - here's one opportunity to experience the area's amazing wildlife while still supporting positive efforts towards conservationism of the local species. Contact us to help make this trip happen.