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The Lone Star Hotel is a beachfront holiday spot located in Mount Standfast, Porters, Barbados. If you are a sucker for great views, fine food, sun and beach life, then you could not go to a better location than this. If a hotel can be described as sexy, then Lone Star Hotel would be the sexiest in Barbados.

There are three categories of accommodations at the hotel. They are; rooms, suites and the beach house. They are further classified as follows;

  • Cadillac One Bedroom Penthouse
  • Buick Luxury Ocean Suite
  • Corvette Deluxe Garden Room
  • Lincoln One and Two Bedroom Penthouse
  • Studebaker Luxury Ocean Suite and
  • Shelby Deluxe Garden Room

The minimum amenities found inside the accommodations include; full amenity bathroom, state-of-the art entertainment equipment that includes TV, iPod/iHome docking station, alarm clock radio, and DVD player. Other amenities include air conditioning with individual temperature control, dining room, fully stocked minibar, internet access among others.

Your dining needs will be met at the onsite restaurant. Here you get to sample all the best local and international dishes. You will also get local and imported wines.

Being a beachside destination, you can rest assured that the hotel will deliver your dream wedding. The Caribbean Sea will be the perfect backdrop for your wedding video and photographs. Your wedding will evoke envy among your will become a trendsetter.

Popular holiday activities at the resort include;

  • Watersports such as kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite boarding, body boarding, scuba diving, deep sea fishing etc.
  • Beach activities such as sunbathing, romantic walks, building sand castles, beach volleyball and football etc.
  • Shopping
  • Enjoying the night scene
  • Fine dining
  • Island excursions and tours
  • Golfing etc.

Sounds impressive? Well, it is. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation today. You will live to tell a story of your Barbadian encounters.

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