Have a guaranteed comfort during your adventure. It is really affordable to at Piram Hotel

Affordable Accommodation and Catering Facilities at Piram Hotel

The saying, “when you go to Rome do as the Romans do” is long gone. The Piram Hotel does not go short of this saying as it gives you the absolute feeling and taste of Rome. The Hotel is located in Rome and has greatly contributed to bring the sense of hospitality as it offers you hot tubs and roof top terraces. Its rooms are fitted with LCD TV Screens that are connected to the satellite thus enabling you to catch any of your local TV programs.

The rooms come with minibars and private bathrooms where each has a hairdryer and other bathroom amenities. The breakfast is buffet served therefore you are not limited to the traditional tea and bacon. The hotel’s spa is modern and you can get any beauty treatment products alongside therapy that you want. The prices of Piram Hotel’s rooms are competitive and travelers visiting this awesome destination have always complimented them to their friends visiting Rome. Click the link to get full review of the Hotel: http://www.booking.com/hotel/it/welcomeresidencesroma.en.html

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