Choose Exit Seats on the Plane

by Aldershot Travel Burlington -

On your next trip, try to get an exit row seat on the plane - it’s about as close as you’ll get to the comfort of business class without coughing up the extra cash.

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Usually exit row seats in coach have the same amount of legroom as in the first class. The seats in front of you usually don’t recline as to keep the exit path clear, which translates into ample stretch room for you. Some planes don’t have a row of seats in front at all.

Another advantage is that you’re near the lavatory. You don’t have to walk on the narrow aisle and race with other passengers to the toilet.

And of course, in case of emergencies, seated on the exit seat you’ll be one of the first people to get off the plane and find safety. However, part of deal with sitting there would be getting that door successfully open in the first place should something happen.

Seats in the exit row fill up quickly so arrive in the airport early to grab your spot! Sometimes you can pay a small fee (around $20-$30) for these seats in advance.


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