Don’t mistake this piazza café as a mere souvenir shop because there’s more than what meets your eye.

Delight in Watching People Pass by Piazza Del Popolo at Canova Cafe

 If you want to spend time at a place where the locals hang out, then you’ll have to consider spending an afternoon at Canova Café. Aside from being a souvenir shop for lighters and luggage key chains, this Piazza del Popolo café also serves as a wine shop, snack bar and restaurant. So if you enjoy people watching and want to rest your feet after touring the piazza, then the Canova Café is the place to be. Learn more about this resto in a quick overview from its official site below:


Restaurant, café, bar, happy hour – everything in the square, sitting at the tables of a comfortable and exclusive ‘salon’ – Canova, the salon of Piazza del Popolo… Here every occasion for refreshment during the day is a unique occasion, because you are surrounded by some of the most impressive works of art in Rome, and because you are immersed in a truly magical atmosphere. Coming to Canova means experiencing the ‘piazza’ as if it belonged to you.


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