Does Dressing Nice Get You Better Hotel Treatment?

by Aldershot Travel Burlington -

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(Image by Carol T. Powers for USA TODAY)

We’ve already asked, Does Dressing Well Still Get You an Upgrade on a plane? The answer, surprisingly, is yes in many cases, according to an article by George Hobica of

Barbara De Lollis of USA Today asks if the dressed-up look makes a difference when you’re checking in to a hotel. The consensus seems to say yes - “especially in business-oriented hotels in big cities.”

Regional differences are also at play.
“In Paris, if you show up at the Ritz or the Crillon with shorts and (a) t-shirt, they will completely ignore you. I feel that in NYC, for instance, hotel employees are more used to seeing “important” people wearing casual clothes, so they are more careful judging you…”

What do you think? Have you ever noticed a difference?

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