Easy to Avoid Travel Mistakes This Holiday Season

by Aldershot Travel Burlington -

I wanted to share this really great article by Ed Hewitt, Independent Traveler and contributor to Travel Kit on MSNBC. Avoid these travel gaffes over the holidays is a comprehensive list of easy to make but easy to avoid travel blunders that could have an adverse effect on your holiday plans. 

Definitely check out the full article. Below is an excerpt:

2. Don't go crazy with carry-on baggage.

Since the day the term "overhead bin" was coined, holiday travelers have tried to bring as much stuff as possible into airplane cabins — and things have only gotten worse since the airlines instituted almost punitive checked baggage fees. And you can't blame folks, as the $25-$50 fees just to check a bag add up quickly on a roundtrip flight, especially for a family.

At this time of year, however, with more people in the air, and more stuff under their arms thanks to all the holiday gift-giving, you're more likely than ever to be penalized for oversized bags or forced to gate check your carry-on.

This isn't to say things are going to be fair; they're not. Some people will get on the plane with half their earthly belongings, and some will be told they need to gate check their extra Pillow Pet.


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