Ever wanted to experience the culture of the Zulu? Then check out the Shakaland Zulu Experience in Durban, South Africa. Visitors will experience traditional Zulu culture and customs and witness the skills and artistry of the community craftsmen.

Experience the Zulu Culture on a Shakaland Zulu Experience Tour

South Africa is a beautiful country, with amazing wildlife, scenic landscapes and rich cultural heritage from diverse backgrounds. You can engage in a variety of activities and tours on your trip to South Africa, and one very interesting but not often considered tour is one to Zululand.

The Zulu were made famous in the movie Shaka Zulu, which showcased their unique culture to the world. You can see first-hand what their culture is all about on the Shakaland Zulu Experience; a wonderful cultural experience unique to South Africa. You will experience traditional Zulu culture and customs at the largest Zulu kraal in all of Zululand. You will meet and have the services of fortune tellers and traditional healers, sample traditional Zulu beer, and have a delicious lunch. You will also get to see the craftsmen make spears, shields and other items. The Zulu dancers will also thrill you with their vibrant dances.

This tour is packed with information, energy and excitement, as well as a palette-pleasing traditional lunch. Hotel pick-up and drop-off is also included for Durban hotels. Take a step back in time, and learn about a new culture on you r trip to South Africa. For more details about this tour/destination, or for help with booking your trip, please feel free to contact us.


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