If you like going to a street parade, this is for you!

Valley Boys Fanfare Independence Junkanoo 2012


If you're traveling to the Bahamas over the winter holidays, travelers urge you to partake in Junkanoo. Held all over the islands with the biggest celebration taking place on Bay Street in Nassau, Junkanoo is a night parade held on Boxing Day (December 26) and then again on New Year's Day. Young and old Bahamians spend months making elaborate (but disposable) costumes for the two days of parades, then they take to the islands' streets to dance, blare conch-shell horns, beat goatskin drums and clank cowbells. According to legend, Junkanoo derives from an African chief, "John Canoe," who demanded the right to celebrate with his tribe even after being sold into slavery in the West Indies.

You can participate in Junkanoo for free, but you'll find specifics on the parades from the Bahamas Tourism  Board.

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