Learn what historical and natural travel attractions await you in Hoi An, Vietnam.

History and Nature Blend Perfectly in Hoi An, Vietnam

Also called Faifo, Hoi An hugs the South China Sea on Vietnam’s South Central Coast. This Quang Nam city is appreciated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its extraordinarily well-preserved town that vividly offers a great flashback of the former trading port industry in this part of Southeast Asia.

Carolyn O’Donnell, a Daily Mail UK Travel correspondent, couldn’t help but be in awe with the street plan and architecture of Hanoi as these excellently showcases the fusion of foreign and indigenous culture, further making it a special heritage hotspot (“Luxury Vietnam: Indulging in the Zen-Like Charm of Hoi An’s Nam Hai Resort”).

Below is a quick excerpt of her travel article:

Excursions from the area include the ruined temples of the fierce Champa people at My Son… Champa kings lived in the now UNESCO-listed site from as early as the 4th century, and much later the Vietcong based themselves there. The area was bombed during the ‘American war’ although the fine masonry skills of the Champa are still much in evidence… Keen snorkelers should head to the Cham Islands, 10km offshore and inhabited by the navy, fishermen and collectors of prized birds nests (they fetch up to $2,000 a kg). Wildlife lovers could spot up to 135 species of coral and 200 varieties of fish.  Our enthusiastic guide for the day, Sinh, took us to an ancient temple before we headed out to bother the marine life. Then it was back to the beach for a seafood lunch.

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