How to Prevent Museum Fatigue With the Kids

by Aldershot Travel Burlington -
How to Prevent Museum Fatigue With The Kids

As much as we want our children to be cultured, educated members of a global world, dragging them around a museum for several hours will only make them resent the experience and probably even act out. Even adults can get museum fatigue and luckily there are ways to conquer it. 

Sean McLachlan of posted Five Ways to Keep Your Kids From Suffering Museum Fatigue

His tips are simple, and aim to get your kids to actually want to go to museums. 

Here's an excerpt:

2. Follow their lead
If your kids wants to see something in particular or linger in front of the crocodile god, let them. They're engaged in the experience and you need to foster that. Following a kid around a museum can be a surreal experience. They don't go in an orderly, logical way like most adults. They flit around like hummingbirds, making odd connections between objects. "Hey, look, this statue is missing its nose too!"


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