Have a taste of the diverse culture breathing in Berlin by sampling its rich gastronomic offerings.

Michelin Restaurant Hopping in Berlin

An Order of Currywurst


With thirteen restaurants being enlisted under the prestigious Michelin guide, dining in Berlin simply won’t be complete without eating a good German cuisine in a Michelin-starred resto.

Aside from having the recognition of being the top German city to have a good number of Michelin dining opportunities up its sleeve, Berlin is also known as having one of the leading numbers of vegan and vegetarian restos on the globe.

Furthermore, prepare your palate to have a sensational taste of simple yet culturally rich fares, such as potatoes, pork, cucumbers, goose, beans, fish and peas, and dine at acclaimed restaurants like Horvath – as recommended by NY Times Travel writer Molly Hannon (“Michelin Stars Fall on Berlin”). Here’s an excerpt of her article:

The pungent scent of foie gras and pork belly mingled with the strong odor of mustard greens one chilly winter evening in the dining room of a restaurant basking in its Michelin star. The menu was worthy of an upscale Parisian bistro but the restaurant, Horvath, was actually a few train stops away, in Berlin. The city now has 13 restaurants with Michelin stars, the most of any city in Germany. The stars, many bestowed in the last few years, are a signal that the country’s culinary landscape has shifted from Munich and Hamburg… Among the newest acclaimed arrivals is Horvath (Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A; 49-030-6128-9992; restaurant-horvath.de), whose wood-paneled walls and dim lighting reminiscent of an Alpine ski lodge belie its ambitious cuisine.

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