Say goodbye to one of the McDonald branches in Milan.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the Evening


Known as the most financially important Italian city, Milan has now closed down the fast-food branch of McDonald in the regal centuries-old glass-enclosed Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

It didn’t matter that this branch is the third most lucrative fast-food in Italy, what Milan is thinking is that McDonald’s utter inappropriateness in the middle of the most historical places of interest in the country is just not acceptable.

Priscilla Pollara reports this piece of travel news on Daily Mail UK TravelBlog and expresses her agreement with the city’s decision (“Goodbye Golden Arches: Milan is Clamping Down on Fast Food Eyesores and It’s Time Other Cities Followed Suit").

Here’s an excerpt of her travel news:

You may have seen it yourself on trips to the northern Italian city – in fact, you may have even visited it. Squashed between a plush designer boutique to its left, another to its right and several directly across and diagonally from it, this branch of the fast-food American chain had over the years acquired fame not for its food, but for its incongruous location amid luxury retailers… Believe it or not, the departed branch was considered to be the third busiest McDonald’s in the country, with the other two being in Rome - one inappropriately-located at the bottom of The Spanish Steps and the other, which has also recently shut down, outside the Pantheon, which dates back to Emperor Hadrian’s rule in 126 AD.

Read the remainder of her news here, and learn more about how Milan puts up the shutters in one of McDonald’s fast-food branches in the city.

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