Learn the sights that you ought to visit when vacationing in the capital city of the Czech Republic.

A Bridge Tower on Charles Bridge



Aside from being recognized as the Bohemia proper’s historical capital, Prague also offers a good number of visitor attractions that generally center on its cultural interest.
This huge city boasts of impressive points of interest like the Petrin hill, Prague Castle, Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter and Old Town Square.
Although known as one of the biggest cities in the European Union, NY Times Travel writer Evan Rail didn’t hesitate touring this Czech city, particularly its remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed historic center (“My Hidden Prague”). Here’s an excerpt of his travel post:
I’d recommend not skipping the tourist zone. Avoid the Royal Way, the city’s historic coronation route, to be sure, but don’t miss the city’s newest brewpub, Pivovar U Tri Ruzi, which opened right off the route earlier this year. Meaning “At the Three Roses,” the pub can be hard to spot among the area’s galleries and bars. But the handful of beers produced here are real head-turners, including a solid, almost sugary Vienna lager and an excellent polotmavy, or half-dark. The burgers here are some of the city’s best... After visiting the city’s best spirits shop, Kratochvilovci, to track down a bottle of Hammer Head whiskey —  the bizarre, pre-Velvet Revolution Czech single malt released a couple of years ago to rave reviews —  you can step out into the broad, car-free street with impunity and admire the grand facades on either side.

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