Welcome to one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in Colombia – the San Agustin Archaeological Park.

    San Agustín Archaeological Park

Welcome to one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in Colombia –  the San Agustin Archaeological Park. The park vividly brings to fore the artistic creativity and imagination of the pre-Hispanic people of the Americas. It seems that not even the hostile Andean climate could kill their ingenuity.

San Agustin, the most important monument is found about 2 kilometers out of a town with similar name. The listed property extends over 2,000 square kilometers at an average altitude of 1800 meters of snowy landscape.

San Agustine was occupied long before the Agricultural period. Evidence indicates that the region was occupied since 3,300 BC to 600BC. The society that lived here used rudimentary stone technology with the main material being the basalt chips. There is no evidence to show their political and social structure, but a popular assumption is that it was based on kinship.

Another area that is still part of the park and which is known for its monuments is Alto de Los Idolos. This site is located on the right banks of Magdalena River. Monuments found here include those found on sacred lands elsewhere. It was a popular pilgrimage and ancestor worship area. There are ancient tracks, drainage ditches field boundaries, artificial platforms and funerary monuments. The most outstanding of the monuments found here are the 4 meters high hieratic guards that weigh several tons. They were carved off tuff and volcanic rock.

There is yet another location known as Las Mesitas that contain artificial mounds stone statuary, terraces and funerary structures. The most outstanding monuments at Las Mesitas is the Fuenta de Lavapata, a religious monument carved on the stone bed of a stream.

Finally, there is a location known as Bosque de Las Estatuas where there is a lot of stone statues depicting men and women standing. The statues are adorned with traditional garb.

From 7th century BC, a new society emerged in this region. People started cultivating maize on the flat and gently sloping lands and lived along the main rivers. It is from this period that vertical shaft tombs started appearing. This culture lasted up to the 3rd, maybe 2nd century BC.

A visit to this archaeological site is your chance to see over 300 enormous sculptures depicting warriors, divinities, and normal people that dwelt in the Andean region in the ancient times.

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