Aside from the plenty of Greek mythology forming the history of Corfu, you’d be surprise on just how this Greek island offers so much potential.

Old Citadel in Corfu Island



Found in the Ionian Sea, the Corfu Island has always been a famous travel destination, mostly catering to European royalties and elite members of the continent. 
It may have been viewed as a private getaway of royals like the Austrian Empress Elisabeth and the German Emperor Wilhelm II, but today just about anyone could travel to Corfu and enjoy a quite respite.
For instance, the Daily Mail UK Travel correspondent Benedict Allen takes his entire family to this Greek Island and proves that even middle-class citizens are welcome here (“Captivated by Corfu: Ancient Greeks and Sleepy Princesses on a Family Villa Break”). He was welcomed by floras that “swayed in happy profusion” and “hills (that) sank back gracefully into the azure waters of the bay.”
Here’s a snippet from his recent article:
--we took a boat trip along the coast to the capital Kerkyra. Rather unexpectedly, the old town proved a hit. There were two forts to explore, while the architecture reflected Corfu's Venetian heritage… In Kerkyra, we made our way to the Liston - an arched colonnade studded with cafes - and the Spianada, the huge plaza where cricket is played from time to time. 
Refer to the remainder of his article here, and perhaps you, too, would be captivated by Corfu. 

So start planning your trip to the Corfu Island today!


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