If you love chocolates and find yourself in the Big Apple, then there’s no excuse not to drop by Jacques Torres Chocolate.

Taste French Chocolate in New York at the Jacques Torres Chocolate

Dark, White and Milk Chocolates


Jacques Torres is one of the most famed chocolatiers in NYC, and visiting his store at Brooklyn as well as its branches at Amsterdam Avenue, Rockefeller Center and Chelsea Market is just a pure delight for any traveler who has a sweet tooth. You can indulge in a heavenly variety of chocolates and sweets like chocolate peanut brittle, hot chocolate, chocolate-dipped corn flakes and champagne truffles. Aside from this, you should by no means skip his Ice Cream Store in 62 Water St. DUMBO, Brooklyn for the most blissful scoop of ice creams in the city.

Learn more about Jacques Torres Chocolate in a quick overview here:

Jacques Torres Chocolate is committed to creating fresh, authentic and handmade artisan chocolates for all to experience and enjoy. We utilize only all natural ingredients of the highest quality so our food not only tastes better – it is better for you… From cleverly named chocolate bon bons, award winning hot chocolate, decadently rich chocolate chip cookies to all natural ice cream, Jacques Torres Chocolate is proud to produce real food bursting with real flavor made without taking any shortcuts or adding any preservatives, extracts or “essences.”

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