China promises an exciting exploration trip, yet there are pieces of advice that first-time travellers should keep in mind when visiting this Asian country.

Shanghai, China


Going to a huge country like China could be overwhelming, especially for first-timers in the country.  

So let us share with you some tips for first-time travellers in China.

The Visa requirement

China requires that its visitors should have visas to enter the country.  Before finalizing your trip, take the necessary steps to get one for your travel.

Plan your trip accordingly

It always helps to plan your trip before embarking on the journey.  The multitude of options could overpower you if you don’t plan ahead - what to do, where to go, what to eat are among the things that you should include in your travel plans.

Know some basic Chinese words

It is always advantageous to know some words, phrases and sentences when you go to a foreign land.  Don’t forget that Chinese is the main language in this country.  Although some speak and understand English, not all of them know how to use it.

The Chinese culture

You could get the shock of your life if you don’t align your expectations with the realities in China.  The fact that it is teeming with lots of people, talking a different language, with different set of norms from what you are exposed to is too much to handle.  Research and manage your expectations.

The matter about censorship

Since China is still a Communist country, some rules that are strictly imposed might be beyond you.  There are some pieces of information that could not be disclosed to you by the locals.  Aside from this, don’t forget that Facebook and Twitter are not accessible in this side of the globe.

Get things for a bargain

Haggling is the way to go to get your money’s worth in China.  The fact that you are a visitor could be taken advantage of.  Don’t look too interested when you find an item that interests you since you would be vulnerable this way.  Discounts of up to 50% could be agreed if you just know how to effectively use your haggling skills.

There are still a lot more of things to know about China, so it is suggested that you further dig deeper to get the best experience during your trip.

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