Tips to Use the Internet Abroad

by Aldershot Travel Burlington -

While some like to unplug while on vacation, others like to be in touch with loved ones, use the internet as a traveling resource, or simply need to stay connected for work. Here are some tips on using the internet while you travel abroad.

First,  ask yourself realistically if you are going to use your laptop. It won’t be too valuable if you are hiking through a rainforest. Know that if you bring your computer you risk power surges, theft, climate issues, and other damages.

If you’re looking for wireless, almost always a safe bet will be an airport or hotel. You will probably need to pay though. Most laptops now are wireless-enabled, so look around for local internet hotspots. Make sure you install the latest security updates and firewall protection against unsafe intrusions from outside computers and spyware.

Back everything up. All of your important files, photos, videos - store on an external hard drive or burn to CDs before you leave.

There are services now that let you access the internet anywhere. Net2Roam “is a global internet service enabling anyone with a laptop (Mac or PC) or PDA to get online anywhere in the world 140 countries using a local telephone number.” Mobile broadbandputs your personal computer online anywhere that the network has coverage. Charges apply, so check with your carrier. There is also Prepaid Internet Access via services like MaGlobe.

Other great resources include World Wide Dialup, a global Internet roaming service enabled by iPass and Boingo Wi-Fi Plans. Also, check with WiFi Free Spot for a comprehensive directory of locations that offer Free WiFi in the United States, Europe, and other regions.

Here are some tips for using the internet while studying abroad.

If you are going to bring a portable photo printer, be prepared to go through extra inspection at customs. I know this from personal experience - they scream ‘I am hiding something’ and will get taken apart.

Also, depending on the country you visit, be careful where you go and what you post on the internet. Some more politically or religiously conservative countries regulate internet usage, so take heed to not cross any lines and potentially get yourself into trouble.

If you leave your laptop behind, don’t fear: in almost every city nowadays you can find an internet café. You will get charged by the minute, but it’s usually inexpensive and easier than lugging around your laptop.


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