Visit this landlocked country in South Asia, and don’t miss an opportunity to taste its Bhutanese cuisine!

Bhutanese National Dish - Ema Datshi


When visiting Bhutan, you will notice that a basic ingredient in almost every dish is chili, which is particularly consumed raw by most locals. So it is suggested that before you order anything, make it clear that you don’t want a spicy meal – unless you want to suffer instead of completely enjoying the Bhutanese cuisine.

In addition, the most staple food is rice, most especially red rice. Its texture is similar to brown rice, but it only grows at high elevations and has a nutty tang.

Aside from rice, you’ll also be introduced to maize, buckwheat and zow shungo, which is particularly a rice meal that is combined with extra veggies.

You shouldn’t also pass the opportunity of sampling the Bhutanese national dish, namely Ema datshi, which consists of a mixture of red and white rice and incorporated with chili peppers and yak cheese. You certainly won’t miss this dish as you can see it almost everywhere in Bhutan.

Apart from this, a similar dish that you should taste are shamudatse, made of yak cheese and mushrooms, as well as kewadatse, which is made from the same cheese but mixed with potatoes. Also, Crow’s break is a must-have when in Bhutan as this is known as an excellent (akin to pod veggie) dish sautéed in yak cheese.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to only consume dishes that have fresh, locally-grown vegetables as ingredients because meat and fish in Bhutan can be a little dangerous to the stomach. Keep in mind that refrigeration is rare in this country.

So for a culinary-rich experience in Bhutan, don’t forget to try the abovementioned Bhutanese meals!

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