It is cold season in North America and the rest of the Northern hemisphere. This presents the best breeding ground for the flu causing viruses.

Travelling During Flu Season? Tips for Staying Healthy

It is cold season in North America and the rest of the Northern hemisphere. This presents the best breeding ground for the flu causing viruses.

Though, flu is considered a simple illness, its ability to mutate and develop into a life threatening epidemic, coupled with its infectious nature, make it one of the biggest worries for health experts around the world. Many a times in the past, growth and spread of new strains of flu causing virus have alarmed governments and people.

There are many types of flu depending on the type of virus causing it. Some do not require any form of medication to heal. While others require international concerted efforts to control and manage. With such outbreaks, the movement of people across the globe is negatively impacted.

As an an individual, you should watch out for your well being. There are several symptoms that will alert of a flu infection. The common ones are fever, joint pains, headaches, running nose, sore throat, watery eyes and coughs

In order to protect yourself from catching flu, stop the spread of the virus and manage flu, when you catch it, you can take the following simple steps;
Always maintain good hygiene practices like washing your hands as often as possible
Cover your mouth and nose with tissue each time you sneeze or cough. Dispose the tissue properly. This stops the spread of the flu causing virus
Get vaccinated against flu. This is critical, especially, if you plan to travel around during the flu season.
Improve your body immune system by eating balanced diet, taking enough water, resting and reducing stress.
If you catch flu, take a rest and stay away from other people to avoid spreading the virus like kids, elderly and the sick

By taking these simple steps you would not only have taken care of yourself, but also the whole of humanity.

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