Malta prides itself on nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but do you have any idea about the other interesting travel attractions in this archipelago?



Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta may be considered as an archipelago, but only three of its islands are populated. 
Many are not aware that the many travel destinations in this island country promise numerous remarkable monuments and recreational activities. So whether you’re visiting Malta to taste its local delicacies or to just laze around at its fine beaches, this historical nation certainly has something for everyone. 
Check out the video prepared by TimmyJimi, who shares,
-- (we) meet Clayton Borg in his homeland, where his family offers us the use of their condominium overlooking Mellieha Bay. Clayton doubles as a tour guide extraordinaire by spending the next eleven days driving us around his small three-island country, exploring sights both on and off the beaten path, introducing us to his generous family and friends, and connecting us to a culture that has been a crossroads of civilization for thousands of years.

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