Africa is home to over 54 different countries - where on earth do you start?


To tour the entirety of Africa - the second biggest continent in the world - can quickly become an extensive adventure.

Nonetheless, as you can see in the above video, this certainly didn't derail five travelers from touring the continent. Starting in Johannesburg, the group took off on their 1200 and 800 BMW GS motorcycles, and experienced the natural wonders, beautiful civilizations and stunning landscapes that Africa has to offer.

Check out their journey in this short video by the Alpinestars USA, in which they described their Alpinestars Adventure in Africa as:

“ –mysterious and astoundingly vast with colorful surroundings that lead to the far reaching lands combined with roaming wildlife on all roads - there is always an abundance to see and keep you alert when on a journey throughout its lands.

The team rode the 800 and 1200 BMW GS machines straight into stormy weather as they rode to the summit of the wet Magoebaskloof Pass well into the cold night. The very next morning at the Zimbabwe border, bribes and lies briefly slowed the five down but soon after it was all smiles as the unpredictable roads of Zimbabwe and ever changing beautiful landscapes lead to many remote villages and happy faces.

Covering hundreds of miles each day the team rode from wide and well maintained roads to narrow broken up tracks and never ending potholes in Zimbabwe where unpredictable wildlife nonchalantly strolled across their paths, the five mad-keen motorcyclists stumbled upon a stunning beach setting and paradise in a remote part of Mozambique as they explored.

Ending this magnificent journey at the Kruger National Park where some of the world finest animals live, shows just one of many reasons why Africa will always be a traveler’s dream destination that leaves its participants with memories for a life time.”

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