Video: Iceland

Some AMAZING shots of this unique island nation. For a rich travel experience slightly off the beaten path we can't recommend Iceland enough. From the geothermal spas to the happening nightful to the amazing landscapes, this place is absolutely incredible. 

Check out this video by Robin de Lange. Footage of her travel group exploring the more rural parts of the country. Here's the video description:

"The first shots are taken on a whaling/puffin-seeing/fishing tour near Reykjavik. Didn't even try to film the whales. The rest is mostly shot on the Landmannalaugar - Thorsmork trek we did. Further on shots of Gullfoss, and a geothermal power plant near Reykjavik. The ice climbing is on Vatnajokull and the snowmobiling on Langjokull. The Bollywood film was made at Skogafoss I think. At the end is Strokkur, near the famous Geysir."

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