Wishing for more climbing adventure? You’ll find a great one in Tanzania, Africa.


The dormant Kilimanjaro provides six trekking routes for mountain climbers and trekking enthusiasts, but the Machame route provides the most picturesque yet steeper path among them. Located at the Kilimanjaro National Park, this Tanzanian volcano can be scaled in a week – even less if you take the Rongai route, which is the easiest yet the least beautiful route of them all.

Whichever route you’re planning to take though, reaching the peak will unquestionably disregard the type of journey you took. This is evidenced in Konstantin Galat’s video, in which he shares,

Last autumn I happened to climb to Kilimanjaro summit for the third time. I had a small camcorder with me, and tried to capture the images which I kept in my mind since my first trip to Kili and Africa a few years before. Usually on the way up to the top in a few days you pass through many layers and kinds of clouds, and then go above them. It looks pretty much like a view from the airplane, and sometimes you can get messed up where the Sky or the Land is...

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