Germany has always been one of the most-visited nations in the world, but you could see a good small part of it by visiting one of its independent towns.


Flensburg is well-known for its great shopping centers, eventful harbors, nice churches and museums, beautiful gardens and classy ancient houses, but this town also provides great past-time activities for young people as well.

So if you’re traveling with your family, then your kids would absolutely love Galwikpark, which does not only offer a huge lawn area for picnics and family get-togethers but also a great playground for your youngsters.

In addition, Galwikpark is also a skate park where teenagers and young adults could hone their skills in skating, biking and other sporty activities.

Check out Zwanzig Zoll BMX Magazin to get a glimpse of this fantastic skate park in Flensburg.


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