Do you want to experience the typical island life in Mallorca? Then one destination to consider is Soller!


Mallorca may be a Balearic Island, but this doesn’t mean that the only mode of transportation around it is via boat or ship.

In fact, trains serve as a mode of transportation in this Spanish island, and they could take you to even smaller towns in the country, such as that of Soller. You can take the Ferrocarril de Soller Train, for example, and simply pay €17 for a roundtrip ride and €10, 00 for a one-way travel.

Take a minute to watch David Watts’ vid of his picturesque train ride to Soller, in which he had seen majestic sceneries comprised of mountains in either sides of the train. He further shares,

I was travelling in Europe on business when the Icelandic volcano erupted - grounding most of Europe's flights. I got stuck on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Given that it's a nice resort island - it wasn't a bad place to be stuck for a week… On the weekend, I took a great train ride on Majorca - from Palma to the mountain community of Soller on board an electric train from the early 1900's... then to the Port of Soller via a trolley.

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