When it comes to experiencing nature at its best, there’s no other place to go than Wyoming.

Wyoming is a state located in the mountainous parts of the US, and since 75% of it is spread across the range of the Eastern Rocky Mountains and the remaining part is situated at the prairie of the High Plains, you could expect only nothing but uninterrupted connection with Mother Nature.

The Fossil Butte National Monument, Grand Teton National Park, Independence Rock, Yellowstone National Park and Devils Tower National Monument are the main natural travel attractions in Wyoming.
See a small fragment of this huge, beautiful state in Eric Hines’ amazing video, in which he shares,
I have to say, shooting this piece was one of the best experiences that I have had in my life. Travelling 1000 miles from home to spend the summer trying to capture all of the beauty around me was amazing. I finally had the chance to truly see what the night sky was supposed to look like, and it left me breathless. During many moments in the video, you can see plenty of shooting stars, along with a few satellites, and a plane here and there.

So start planning a vacation in one of the national parks in Wyoming today!


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