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Want to know where Tranquility is? Here is The Jefferson Hotel


Do you want to make your family feel comfortable during adventure? Always rely on The Jefferson Hotel. Deriving its name from the famous Thomas Jefferson, this luxurious hotel is centrally located in Washington, D.C. The hotel offers full package such as the Spa, fully equipped gym, swimming pool and there is Wi-Fi connection. The rooms have colors that complement the furniture and each comes with a private marble bathroom that is made in Italian style and a flat screen TV. Some rooms further have Pac views.

The Jefferson Hotel operates round the clock on a 24hrs basis therefore the reception and butler are always at your service. Travelers in Washington D.C are recommended to visit this hotel if they are looking to experience this great city in a posh style. Meals are served at the Plume restaurant whereas the drinks are served at the Quill bar. Want to do early booking? Click the link below;


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