What Did You Learn From Your Travels in 2011?

by Aldershot Travel Burlington -

Every trip is a learning experience. Whether it's something new about the world or about ourselves, traveling opens us up and provides meaning to our lives. 

I think this past year I learned how valuable it is to pack lightly. I took only a backpack on my long weekend to Puerto Rico - and it was perfect. I used everything I brought, had just enough of what I needed, and some space to bring home souvenirs. It made traveling and getting around much easier, and less stuff always means less stress.

Andrea of InspiringTravellers.com wrote an article: 9 Lessons From Our 2011 Travels that I wanted to share with you. Somewhere along their travels to 22 different countries across the world, they came to some realizations, a few of which are likely to resonate with your experiences. 

Here's an excerpt:

1. English was spoken pretty much everywhere we went.

"With a few exceptions, enough English was spoken in areas where foreigners visit to make our travels very easy. We certainly weren’t expecting this and made an effort to learn the language in non-English speaking regions if we were going to be there for more than a couple of weeks. But the spread of English language education has really made visiting foreign countries much easier. Some places surprised us more than others: while many people seem to speak English in Santiago, for example, very few speak it in the rural areas. The language barrier will be an issue for visitors to Buenos Aires who don’t speak any Spanish as well."

What did you learn in 2011?


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