If you like spending your weekends in a paradise, this is a place for you!

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This is the place to come for the most pristine beach in Rio.

Grumari Beach lies at the end of a short coastal drive southwest of Rio de Janeiro. It's located in an environmental protection zone, and is buffered by mountains that seem to spring up from the ocean. Between the ocean and these mountains, lies a "restinga" or semi arid coastal scrub land full of dense vegetation. 

You won't find beachfront restaurants, luxurious hotels, or plentiful kiosks here. Without them, you'll have space to stretch out on the 1.5 miles of white and red sand to admire Rio's beautiful scenery. A favored retreat by sun-seekers, this lovely beach is a ways away from the swooning tourists at  Copacobana and Ipanema. Travelers rave about Grumari Beach's cleanliness and natural beauty, but the trek there may take you awhile. 

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